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Keep Shirt Tucked in Holder

Keep Shirt Tucked in Holder

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Keep Shirt tucked in place and with crease-resistance. it is elastic and adjustable.

 one size fits all.Easy to use, just attach the double clips to your shirt tail while the loop slips over each foot


Product Color: Black (length adjustable)

 Material: Polyester

 Legs Width: 2.5cm

Tile adjustable range: 38cm-50cm

 Sling width: 1.0cm

Tile up to about 16cm


 2pcs/Pair Hidden leg Suspenders for shirt


1. Great for keep shirts tucked

2. Fully Adjustable: can be adjusted accordingly

3. One Size Fits Most: Fits most shirts.

4. Lightweight and Convenient: Reinforced locking clamps, effectively anti-wrinkle, keep Your Shirt Tucked in Always.

5. Nice Addition to Your Wardrobe: Perfect for formal and professional attire to keep the appearance, sharp and impressive in public



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