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Deniza Luxury Scroll Buffet Server 8 QT. Food Warmer.

Deniza Luxury Scroll Buffet Server 8 QT. Food Warmer.

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This silver metal scroll full size 8Qt dish food warmer is one of a kind for a high end classy food presentation. One of the best on the market. Food must be visually appealing to the eyes to stimulate the senses and taste buds. You can even get the most picky eater to eat with a great food presentation. Do you have guest coming to your home, hosting a party at home, wedding, caterer, any event host, then this is the perfect time to get this luxury chafing dish to impress your guest during your next event. No more chafing dish rentals or use of disposable chafers that ends up costing you lots of money. Have you counted the number or the calculated the cost of disposable chafing dishes you have used the whole year? Now its the time save money by purchasing this durable chafing dishes.

This beautiful metal scroll silver 8 quart full size food warmer includes a food pan, water pan, frame, lid and two fuel holders, chafing fuel not included. Use this chafing dish to keep your food warm throughout your entire party, banquet or reception


  • maintains temperature of food throughout your event. 
  • Durable and beautiful mirror finish with a metal scroll design and wood handle design give this chafing dish a high end or elegant look.

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