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Round Food Warmer Roll Top 6.5QT Stainless Steel

Round Food Warmer Roll Top 6.5QT Stainless Steel

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This elegant luxury silver 6.5QT chafer food warmer is the perfect addition to buffet tables, banquets, or catered events! It features a slightly curved legs and a circular base that add a subtle elegance while providing optimal stability. It's silvery, shiny, mirror professional finish will surely captivate your guests.  Add a classic touch to your thanksgiving dinners, Christmas party, buffet, wedding reception, birthday, and all events with our unique and stylish chafer food warmer.This set includes:

  • an inset
  • water pan
  • Cover or lid
  • Frame
  • and fuel holder



Why you need this for your catering business, party, wedding and all other events.

  • Roll top locks open or retracts the full 180 degrees for easy serving and quick refills
  • Round, ventilated dome cover
  • Unique round shape offers convenient access to the food from all angles
  • Slightly curved legs for optimal stability
  • Durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel with mirror finish


 Mirror Finish

Each food warmer features a highly quality and polished mirror finish that will shimmer in the ambient lighting of your venue.  Which adds a great professional presentation and high end value to any of the sides or entrees that you are serving.



 Reduces Labor Costs

With its broad, round shape, this chafer provides a 360 degree serving area that allows enough room to serve a single dish from both sides of a buffet table. Plus, it enables guests to serve themselves and eliminates the need for waitstaff or table service.


Roll Top

The roll top has the ability to lock in any open position or retract a full 180 degrees.


The roll top's handle allows for easy and safe access to th



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